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Issued by Mardin Artuklu University, the Institute of Living Languages in Turkey The Journal of Mesopotamian Studies (JMS) is a peer-reviewed academic journal that publish scientific papers on Kurdish, Arabic and Syriac culture, language, literature, history, sociology, anthropology, philosophy and education fields. The journal is published bianually in Spring (March) and Autumn (September).

The journal that first published in august 2016 is published both in print and electronically.

JMS publishes scientific studies in the fields of Kurdish, Arab and Syriac culture and literature. With its qualified academic content, the journal aims to be one of the leading academic journals in the evaluation of developments of its field.

The journal accepts the APA (6th Edition) bibliography and citation system. The publication language of the journal is Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic, Syriac and English. Manuscripts submitted in other languages are evaluated by the Editorial Board. JMS is open-accessed and does not charge any fees from the author and reader.

Manuscripts submitted to the journal must not have been previously published or must not be in the evaluation stage of another scientific publication. The author's / authors' race, gender, religious view, ethnicity, and political orientation are not regarded. Articles to be published are required to comply with scientific research criteria, to innovate in the field and not to be published elsewhere. Papers presented at a scientific meeting can be accepted, provided they are not published elsewehere. All incoming articles are subjected to preliminary evaluation according to scientific criteria by the Editorial Board before they are sent to the reviewers. Studies that fail the pre-assessment stage are returned to their authors. The studies that pass the preliminary evaluation stage are sent to two reviewers who are experts of the subject by the method of “blind reviewer” for evaluation. Each reviewer is asked to fill out the evaluation form for the study or, if necessary, prepare a separate report. In the case of two reviewers' opinion, a third reviewer's opinion is sought. Provided that the names of the referees are kept confidential, the reviewer reports are reported to the author / authors. If one or both of the reviewers expresses the opinion that “can be published after corrections”, the article is sent to the author to make the necessary corrections. The article is published in the event that a positive report is received from at least two reviewers. After the correction, whether the warnings of the reviewers are taken into consideration or not is evaluated by the reviewers and the Editorial Board.

The Editorial Board decides on the publication of the book reviews.

Language, style, content, etc. of the published articles. All legal and legal responsibilities belong to the author.
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Open Access Policy

This magazine adopting the principle that offering scientific researches to the public free of charge will increase the global sharing of information, it provides instant open access to its content.

Scientific Ethics

All articles that pass the preliminary evaluation of the Editorial Board are scanned in the iThenticate program. Those do not have a scientific compliance report are rejected without being subjected to an arbitrator assessment.


This magazine uses the LOCKSS system to create a distributed archiving system among participating libraries and to allow these libraries to create permanent archives for conservation and restoration

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The Journal of Mesopotamian Studies (JMS) is licensed through Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International.