About Extended Summary

The Journal of Mesopotamian Studies (JMS) has decided to publish the articles together with an Extended Summary from March 2021 (v.6 /1) issue onward.

Articles submitted from 01.03.2021 onward should include an 'Extended Summary' of at least 750 and at most 1000 words in which the information and opinions of the article are compiled. The extended summary should be so informative that the article can be cited by international authors. The Extended Summary should be placed after the Abstract part and should not include Keywords.

Extended Summary is requested from articles written in any language other than English. The Extended Summary should be in English and will be requested during the first submission of the articles to the JMS journal.

Eylül 2022'de yayınlacak olan 7 (2) sayısı için 31 Temmuz 2022 tarihine kadar makale gönderebilirsiniz.

 Ji bo jimara 7 (2)an hûn dikarin gotarên xwe heya 31ê Tîrmeha 2022yan bişînin. 

You can submit your papers until 31 July 2022 for 7 (2) issue.