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• The Journal of Mesopotamian Studies (JMS) has decided to publish articles with an Extended Summary as of March 2021 (vol.6 p.1).
• From 01.03.2021 onwards, manuscripts submitted should include an 'Extended Summary' of at least 750 and no more than 1000 words in English, compiling the information and opinions contained in the article, to the extent that the article can be cited by international authors.
• Extended Abstracts are requested from articles written in non-English. The language of the Extended Abstract is English and will be requested during the initial submission of the manuscript to JMS.
• The Extended Abstract should be placed after the Abstract section of the article. Keywords should not be included in the Extended Abstract.
• The extended abstract should include the purpose, problem, method, findings, results and recommendations of the study with or without subheadings. The subheadings in the extended abstract may vary according to the type of study.

The Extended Abstract should include the following information.
Introduction and Research Purpose: In the 'introduction and research purpose' section of the extended abstract, the reader should be given a clear idea of what question or questions the research seeks to answer, what research question or questions it is based on, and why this study is necessary.
Conceptual/theoretical framework (Literature Review): In this section, the studies related to the subject and purpose of the study should be summarized and it should be stated why the study is important / meaningful in this sense, what gap it will fill and what additional contributions it will provide.
Methodology and Findings: In this section of the extended abstract, the study should be described qualitatively and quantitatively and the methodology of the study should be presented. In addition, the findings of the study should be discussed according to the conceptual/theoretical framework, similarities and differences and their reasons should be evaluated.
Conclusions and Recommendation: Depending on the findings obtained in the study, important issues related to the conceptual / theoretical framework and contributing or thought to contribute to the relevant literature should be included. Limitations encountered during the study should be expressed in this section. After mentioning the benefits and contributions of the study, recommendations for practitioners and/or researchers should be written.

In the preparation of this guide, the 'Extended Summary' guide of İnönü University Law Faculty Journal was used.

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