Ethical Principles and Publication Policy


Our journal is committed to follow the Ethical Principles stated by the international academic authorities and Higher Education Board and Turkish Interuniversity Board (ÜAK). Moreoever JMS accepts International Ethical Publishing Principles published by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) and World Association of Medical Editors (WAME).

The studies that will be sent to be published in our journal should be prepared considering the Ethical Principles given below.

1- Scientific Research and Publication Ethics

 The author cannot portray other author’s original ideas, methods, data or works partially or completely as his own work without referring to scientific rules (Plagiarism).

 In scientific researches, falsified data or data that do not exist cannot be used (Forgery).

 Research records or obtained data cannot be falsified, devices or materials that are not used in the research can not be shown as used, research results cannot be falsified or shaped in the interests of the supporter individuals and organizations (Distortion).

 Previously published studies cannot be sent to our journal to be published (Repeated publication).

 The results of a research cannot be disassembled and published more than once in a way that will disrupt the integrity of the research (Slicing).

 People with no active contribution can not be included among the authors, or those who have contributed cannot be excluded from the authors, the author's ranking cannot be changed in an unjustified manner and inappropriately, nobody's name can be included among the authors by using influence even though they have no active contribution to the work (Unfair authorship)

2- Other Ethical Principles

 Research conducted with support, the persons, institutions or organizations supporting them and their contributions should be stated.

 Theses or studies that have not yet been submitted or accepted cannot be used as a source without the permission of the owner.

 Information contained in a work for which it is commissioned for review cannot be shared with others before it is published without the express permission of the author.

 Resources, places, facilities and devices provided or reserved for scientific research cannot be used out of purpose.

 In the surveys and attitude researches carried out within the scope of a scientific study, the data obtained cannot be published without the express consent of the participants or if the research is to be carried out in an institution without the express consent of the institution.

 In researches and experiments; animals and the ecological balance should not be damaged the competent authority should be taken, also related research and experimentations should be made in legislation or the provisions of the international agreement which Turkey is a party.

 The researchers or officials should be informed about possible harmful practices in relation to scientific research and the obligation.

 In scientific studies, data and information obtained from other people and institutions should be used to the extent and as permitted, the confidentiality of this information should be respected and protected.


The Journal of Mesopotamian Studies (JMS) is licensed through Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International.